Wednesday, November 24, 2010

So Very Thankful

I am so very thankful for the time I got to spend with my family this past weekend, introducing them to our newest son, and meeting my newest nephew!

So thankful for Dad and Judy, and how much they love him already:

So thankful for Andrea and all the parenting advice she can give me, being a couple years farther along than me :)So thankful for Maria and the opportunity to have our babies so close together!
So thankful for Mel and the awesome auntie she is, and for our one-on-one car time she was willing to stay awake for!
I'm so thankful for baby Griffin, the buddies that Oliver and Griffin will surely become, and that they could "meet" before they get tooooooo big.

I'm so thankful for sister-time, and all the "laughter" we shared! (Missed you, Joel.)

I'm thankful for ALL the people in my family who were so excited to welcome and hold my new baby. What a gift it is when people love on your children. Thanks for having "Smits Dinner
", everyone!

I'm thankful that my husband was willing to be apart from me and the baby, single-parenting the big boys to let me do this trip that was important to me!

I am so thankful for our reunion as a family of 5, and the thrill the boys had seeing their baby brother again. (And his thrill at seeing them!)I'm thankful for the smiles and almost-giggles coming from our 7 week old bundle!
(Look at how much he looks like Elliot...the following photo is Elliot at 2 months)
I am incredibly thankful for a visit from my "loony" friend (arriving in just a few short hours) and making our Thanksgiving away from "home" feel a little more like home with the presence of this lifetime (almost!) friend.

I'm so thankful for NEW friends inviting us to their home for a Thanksgiving meal tomorrow! (And really thankful that I don't have to cook a turkey. Yuck.)

I'm thankful for my God from whom all these amazing blessings flow.

And I am so very thankful for His Son, my Savior, and for His love. His death. His life. His gentleness with me. His patience with me. And His constant presence--whether I am far or near.

Thank you.

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