Thursday, September 16, 2010

Around Here...

So much has been going on around here, and I've been terrible at keeping up with it all!

Let me try to fill you in...but please promise not to critique the photos :)

My dear husband turned a year older yesterday! It's been a really fabulous year as I've seen him continue to step into more of who God has made him to be. I don't care if that sounds cliche, it is true. Time and again, in so many areas, I've seen him stretched and I've seen him rise to the challenge. He is an amazing man and I'm so blessed to walk alongside him in this life.

Happy Birthday, Insoo!

Oh, and a "minor" note...He did return safely from his missions trip to Indonesia. It was a good and stretching trip, but I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to let him do that again.

Our oldest child began a new year of preschool in the Blue 4's class. Somewhere amidst the root canal I sort of missed the importance of his first day and totally forgot to take pictures. :( He looked something like this:
He recently made a drawing of our family that I absolutely love. He did everything on his own--the gluing of the googly-eyes and the drawings of all of us. I (for a reason I can't remember...possibly a mistake he wanted cut out of the picture?) cut around it and wrote in the descriptions as he told me about the drawing. I LOVE that he drew the baby in my belly. And that we're all "hugging". It is one I will always cherish. (Click on photo to enlarge if you're interested)

He also turned 4 last month, a milestone I forgot to document here since his birthday party had been a month early. He had an awesome bouncy-place party with ALL his little cousins and almost all his friends!

On his actual birthday, he chose a McDonalds lunch :)

He is my potty-trained-wonder-child! I used to say potty training was one of the worst things about parenthood. Until this kid came along, and trained himself. I hardly had to do a thing! We have had one mini-accident at the park and only one nighttime accident in these many weeks we've been going with underwear night and day! I seriously cannot believe it, and cannot believe I get to have about 2 months without diapering before baby comes :) Thank you, thank you, my sweet boy!!! What a gift that was to me!!! :)

He continues to grow in leaps and bounds. I feel like I have 2 four-year-olds since he wants to do EVERYTHING Elliot does.

Me & Baby:
I had a birthday in August, too, that never made it to the blog. I got some pretty sweet gifts. My husband bought me a long-awaited comfy rocking chair. I just love it. Every mom needs a rocking chair that she LOVES to rock her children in--preferably a huge one that will fit everyone at once.

The boys (Elliot, especially) were absolutely thrilled to buy me my very own Jessie doll. It has to be one of the things they were most proud and excited to do in their whole lives. (Isaiah had a hard time letting me hold it, though.)

We have only a few more weeks to go until we meet our new baby boy! (3 weeks from Sunday is the due date!) But like almost everyone who's been pregnant, I am hoping he'll make his arrival a little early.

I was realizing the other day that I didn't have any "pregnancy photos". We were so good with Elliot, documenting the whole pregnancy with month-by-month photos in the same spot in the house, same position, in similar clothing. And we even had a friend take some really nice pregnancy photos.

With Isaiah I remember taking a couple photos of Elliot kissing my belly, and a few others with Insoo's and my hands on my at least a few pictures showed the pregnancy.

But this time, I'm almost due and realizing I don't know of a single photo that documents this pregnancy. Poor 3rd child. I'm sorry, little one. You are JUST as important, it's just that we are so occupied with two other little ones to chase around that you don't get much "attention" right now. That will change. I promise. But for now, here's a photo from Sunday--right at 36 weeks. And a picture of how much your big brothers love you. They ask every single day when you will come. We cannot wait to see you, precious boy!

Nesting is in full swing. I love sorting through baby clothes and attempting to finish up a couple projects on my to-do list. I still have a LOT on that list, but it's so fun to check things off, and prepare our home and our hearts for the newest member of our family. We're SO excited!! Who knows...maybe the next post will be about his arrival?!? We shall see....(depends how nesting continues to take shape...I may write every day or not at no promises!)


Alicia Streicher said...

speaking from a sort-of-counselor-analysis-perspective, the fact that everyone is hugging in his picture is HUGE and KEY. That is definitely credited to you and Insoo for such grace-filled and beautiful parenting. And, yes, that's hilarious with Elliot keeping Isaiah's hands off your Jessie doll. Presh.

cleary said...

You are so NOT 36 weeks pg in that picture! You just have this tiny little "ball" in your belly! Seriously, you look amazing. Enjoy your last couple of weeks.

mommyoflove2 said...

You look so beautiful, Angela! Only a little bit of jealously here that you are way smaller than me and 3 weeks farther along!:)

You do have such a beautiful family and I Love Elliot's picture of your family! I saved Samuel's first family pic, too:)

I have been thinking about you often and hoping you all are doing well.

theKband said...

You look beautiful. Your whole family is just beautiful. Blessings to each of you and thanks for the update!

Laura said...

I'm just agreeing with everyone else with my comment, but you are Gorgeous! Wow! Prego looks really, really good on you.