Tuesday, March 2, 2010

For Uncle Jo-Jo

Since my brother asked, and since I've been slackin' on the blog lately (with sick kids and a sick self), here's some fun videos (from January) I think you'll especially like, Joel.

*Joel, I tried to put this up on the very day you asked--two weeks ago!! But Blogger gives me problems with videos, so I had to resort to youtube. Anyway, wanted you to know that I really tried (for two weeks!) because it meant so much that you cared! :)

First, Isaiah reading "PolkaBats"

And now, Elliot reading "Kansas City Octopus"

Kansas City Octopus is wearing fancy slacks
Bell-bottom, just got 'em, 50 bucks including tax
Red corduroy and boy-oh-boy, they fit like apple pie
Multi-pocket snazzy trousers custom made for octopi
Fantastic plastic stretch elastic keeps 'em nice and tight
Kansas City Octopus is lookin' good tonight!

**Thanks, dear Hannita, for the very fun poetry book!!!


Anonymous said...

Love it!!! Thanks for posting (and the inside scoop on FB!!)

Love you guys!


Heidi said...

Oh, my word! Aedyn and I can't get enough of your story tellers!

Hannita said...

Eeeee!!! *clap, clap, clap*
Awesome job guys!

Laura said...

thanks for posting--i was just as anxious as joel. worth the wait, as always!

Kelli said...

SO much fun! Loved listening to the books!!!

andrea said...

I can't believe I haven't commented yet, because I've been thinking about these videos for a few days now! they are SOOOOO cute (the videos, but ESPECIALLY the boys!) love and miss you all!

Cleary said...

way to cute!

theKband said...

Great video! I've got to look up that poetry book...

Melinda said...

Those poems might make less sense than the Dr. Seuss books I've been reading to my kiddos. But we love them, and I especially LOVE that they love them! I miss you all!

Alicia Streicher said...

omg. that is presh! and I can't believe how clearly Isaiah is speaking and knows that book! You have some smart cookies there . . . ;)